Our mission is to match great people with great companies, so that great things can happen.


Alcon Maddox was born in early 2019 out of the experience of our founder, Richard Richie.

He witnessed first-hand how technology companies, regardless of commercial maturity, struggled to source and retain high calibre sales leadership.

The Alcon Maddox mission is simple, we match great people with great companies so that great things happen.

We work as a true partner to our clients, rather than simply accept a vacancy profile and flood clients with potential candidates. We aim to develop a greater understanding of our customer’s business, consult on the vacancy and support role design, and then engage our unique Talent Targeting System that identifies and nurtures the most valuable candidates in the market, to provide a high-quality pool of qualified candidates.

Our vision is to continually challenge the way that quality talent is sourced and developed, driving improved commercial performance globally.

Richard Richie

Founder and Managing Director Alcon Maddox


Our name was developed in accordance with our values.

Alcon (Ἄλκων), from classical mythology, is a Cretan archer and companion of Hercules. It was said his arrows never missed their target. 


Maddox derives from the traditional Welsh Madoc, meaning ‘fortunate’. A legendary Welsh prince who, in Welsh folklore, sailed to the New World three hundred years before Christopher Columbus. It is also the second name of our founder's son, who was born just weeks before the incorporation of the company.

Preparation is crucial to delivering effective project results. Once the arrow is released, it is too late to change aim. Direction is decided before action is taken. We apply this in every aspect of our commercial approach - prepare, consult and understand before delivery.


is Key

It is thought that Madoc left Wales due to the infighting and intractability within his family. Like Madoc, we believe collaboration is key. We aim to be an honest and transparent collaborative recruitment partner rather than simply entering into a transactional client supplier relationship.

Following in the steps of our namesake, as Madoc discovered new lands and experience, so do we refuse to ‘sit still’. We will continuously challenge and improve our methods and practices. Tenacious in our approach, we aim to constantly move forward and break new ground.

As Alcon was strengthened by his connection with Hercules, our strength comes from our reliable network of clients and candidates. We always endeavour to add value to both aspects of this network and be far more than ‘just’ a recruitment company.

Make It Right,

First Time

Break New


Focus on Our



Alcon Maddox aspires to continually challenge the way that quality talent is sourced and developed, driving improved commercial performance globally.