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What does it take to ensure your company continues to generate revenue independent of market forces?

The Sales Optimisation Series offers a selection of concise and practical how-to guides addressing the challenges of an evolving sales organisation. From understanding how to drive the required performance amongst your sales executives by adopting a commission plan that works, to designing the right structure and processes necessary for scale, each volume includes printable worksheets, along with workable action points and a real-life case study.

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Sales Optimisation: How to Structure a Commission Plan That Works

Is your commission plan driving the right behaviours amongst your sales executives? Are you leaving money on the table because of misalignment of objectives?


How do you keep your sales team pushing right up to the last day of the month?


Sales Optimisation: How to Structure a Commission Plan That Works is a concise practical guide offering the fundamentals of sales commission plan design. To help you understand how to drive the necessary performance amongst your sales executives, it offers a printable worksheet, along with workable action points and a real-life case study, to enable you to structure a commission plan that works for your organisation.


Written in collaboration with Alcon Maddox consultants and leadership specialists boasting extensive commercial and HR experience, this how-to guide benefits from decades of real-world sales experience and numerous consultation mandates that have helped companies thrive.


Aimed primarily at the business owner who has developed a great product or service but has little to no personal experience of sales, anyone who is responsible for the design of a sales commission plan will benefit from a review of this essential information.


Other volumes in this series coming soon


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