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Just as we were losing faith in recruitment companies, we found Alcon Maddox.


Just as we were losing faith in recruitment companies, we found Alcon Maddox. They saved us time in our hiring process and were able to help us expand our team by offering the exact candidate qualities we were looking for!

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Mouteih Chaghlil

CEO of MEA, Bespin Global

Alcon Maddox are highly commended for their great testimonials. They have demonstrated how their brand development has enabled impressive partnerships and organic growth, as well as positive employee engagement.

TIARA Recruitment Awards 2021
TALiNT Partners

What is especially impressive about Alcon Maddox is that they provide insights beyond HR and recruitment, and have helped us improve our overall management.


Mario M. Veljovic

General Manager, VAD Technologies

Testimonials: Testimonials

What impressed us about Alcon Maddox was their approach to finding the key person we were looking for. They took their time to really find out what we needed.


Michael Trüschler
CEO, FlexxPay

Gareth Way

Chief HR Officer, Creditsafe UK

As a company heavily focused on B2B sales, we sought Alcon Maddox’s advice on how to recruit and retain top tier talent. This involved everything from job description design, interview techniques, commission scheme design and how to establish a winning sales culture. Thanks to their expert guidance not only are we able to continuously grow revenues but our staff turnover is at an all time low. 

Barry Judge

General Manager, dubizzle UAE

Alcon Maddox are experts in sales leadership and enablement. Their guidance has been key in formulating and evolving sales strategy and performance; implementing tools that empower sales teams; and growing and fostering an enviable sales performance driven culture, having a direct impact on value. Richard is an inspirational leader, who commands nothing but the highest respect from those that work with him.

Ruth Scott

Regional HR Director, OLX (AMEA)

I worked with Richard on the design of our global Sales Management Programme, which, due to his expert advice, delivered over and above the investment made. Our objectives were to give our sales reps a standardised framework within which to operate, our sales managers extra granularity enabling more objective engagement with their their teams, and create a baseline for sales competence across the group.


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