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Customer Success Is Company Success

During the pandemic we've become familiar with terms like Digital Transformation and Cyber Resilience, with many companies fast tracking the adoption of these inherently inward facing initiatives whose primary focus is to stay in business. However, it’s the companies that have switched their focus outward, that have kept their customer base at the forefront of every decision made, that have been able to thrive. These are the companies that truly embrace the concept of Customer Success.

Work is What You Do, Not Where You Are

Office based work has changed. Many commentators suggest that the natural progression toward increasingly flexible working practices has been accelerated by over a decade due to the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Lunch & Learn session, we discuss how the way we work has changed forever. As Leena Nair commented in LinkedIn’s ‘Forward’ event: “It would be the tragedy of our times if we didn’t reinvent the workplace in this moment.”

Selling via Video Conference

The increase in remote working that started in 2020 has driven a seismic shift in the way sales executives engage with prospects and clients. In person meetings have declined and video conferencing has been universally accepted as a means of communicating, fact finding, solution developing and ultimately managing the entire commercial relationship. In this session we discuss how we might maximise our performance in this virtual world of sales.

The Lunch & Learn webinar series consists of bite sized 30-minute sessions aimed at sales and HR professionals responsible for building high performing teams. 

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Women in Sales

In honour of International Women’s day, we discuss a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled 'Why Women are the future of B2B Sales' with Zena Way, a sales professional with over 20 years experience in sales and sales leadership. This webinar will offer insights from a female sales leader on what's it's like working in a male dominated profession, and what we need to do to change the status quo.

Virtual Interviewing & On-Boarding

As the world of work becomes increasingly virtual, there are a number of considerations to ensure that our business operates with best practice in the recruitment and on-boarding of new hires. In this session, we discuss these considerations and review what the shift to more virtual interaction means to our Human Resource Management and culture.

Unlocking Stalled Deals

From a salesperson's perspective, there is nothing more frustrating than a pipeline full of business that you can't get over the line. From a sales manager's perspective, there is nothing more frustrating than forecasting revenue that never comes in. In this session we discuss strategies to get our pipelines moving and report more realistic revenue upstream.

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Rudi Feitsma,
General Manager, BIOSME

Waleed Heloo,
Managing Director, eHosting Datafort

Pavin Varughese,
Country Manager ME, Heimdal Security

The CyberSEC Leaders Webinar Series helps business leaders identify and attract key talent in the industry by discussing career objectives, trends, threats and solutions with a variety of industry guests. In a world where cyber security has become the hot topic, this is your guide to strategic review, commercial development and joining the fast track to global market scaling.

Nicolai Solling, Chief Technology Officer,
Help AG Middle East

Ashfak Pathan,Principal Solutions Architect, Spire Solutions

Reghu Mohandas, Director of Risk Analytics & Advisory, SECURELiNK

The insights Alcon Maddox provide have helped us improve our overall management.

Mario M. Veljovic​

General Manager, VAD Technologies

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