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COVID-19: Projects


This page is for the COVID-19 Webinar Series only - click here to view our recent webinars.


Our world has changed forever. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in rapid adaptation on a global scale, affecting both our personal and commercial lives. Our ability to develop and evolve business processes and practice has never been more important, so we at Alcon Maddox have spoken to experts from our commercial network in a series of free-to-attend webinars.

During this solution-oriented webinar series, we have unraveled the current top-of-mind dangers faced by business managers in the technology sector and pieced together actionable strategies with the help of industry experts. We aim to help as many companies as possible chart a course through these turbulent times, wishing you every commercial success in the future.

Scroll down to watch our webinars, and join us as we set ourselves up to thrive.

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Episode 18: How Much Cyber Security is Enough?

3rd November 2020 - This week our guest speaker is cyber security expert Merritt Baer, Principal Security Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). With companies fast tracking digital transformation, the need to increase their cyber security is paramount. In this session we discuss the key indications of mature security organisations and look at DevSecOps, Zero Trust and next generation security operations in an attempt to answer the question How Much Cyber Security is Enough?

Episode 17: Techniques to Improve Sales Performance

6th October 2020 - In this episode we are joined by Dean Ryan, Director at if-development and one of the UK's top leadership development experts. As we move into the final quarter of 2020, we take a look at what techniques business leaders can employ to unlock the performance of their commercial teams and ensure they finish the year on high note.

Episode 16: How to Conduct Business Without a Handshake

15th September 2020 - In this episode we are joined by Erik Leung, COO at Simplifai, and take a look at how software vendors like Simplifai are adapting to the new landscape and what they are leveraging in order to thrive. Irrespective of changing market conditions, businesses still need to operate and revenue still needs to be generated. Simplifai is an AI automation company, creating digital employees that allow any business to leverage the power of AI in their everyday processes and workflows.


Episode 15: Activate your Existing Customer Base to Safeguard Revenue

1st September 2020 - In this episode we're joined by IBM’s Strategy Leader for Cloud & AI, Heba Sayed. As more and more companies battle with a prolonged period of uncertainty impacting their profitability, we review strategies and tactics for activating an existing client base to safeguard revenue such as surveying the external landscape, assessing value perception and updating marketing tactics.

Episode 13: Is it the Right Time to Pivot?

4th August 2020 - In order to stay relevant in the new economic landscape, many SMEs are weighing up the opportunity cost of pivoting, or not. In this session, with Abe Seksek, COO at Rainmaking, we discuss varying degrees of pivot and the strategies available to mitigate risk: 1) Get your finances in order; 2) Get your team in order; and 3) Get an advisory board that can provide you with the necessary insights.

Episode 14: How Does a Distributor Remain Relevant?

18th August 2020 - Staying relevant is a top priority for all companies wanting to remain in business as our landscape changes. In this episode, we are joined by Mario M. Veljovic, General Manager at VAD Technologies, to discuss strategies and principals any business can employ irrespective of their position in the IT Channel Ecosystem. Learn more about constant partner engagement, the ongoing search for disruptive tech, and new client advisory services.

Episode 12: Transitioning from CAPEX to OPEX with Cloud Computing

14th July 2020 - Switching from a CAPEX to OPEX model is currently the focus of many board room discussions as companies attempt to chart a path through a period of extended cost sensitivity. We are joined by Mouteih Chaghlilby, CEO at Bespin Global MEA, where we discuss managing the decision to switch and three main strategies: 1) Educating clients on how to understand the measures; 2) The need to have a client-side ambassador or steering committee; and 3) The evolution of finance from AR/AP to FinOps.

Episode 11: Management Under the COVID Magnifying Glass

30th June 2020 - What sets apart managers that have performed well during the COVID crisis? Guest speaker Gareth Way, Chief HR Officer at Creditsafe Group, joins us to discuss how the global pandemic forced high levels of change on the commercial world over night. With thousands of companies quickly transitioning their workforce from an office base to home working, the challenge of maintaining employee engagement and performance became a key focus.


Episode 10: Change Management

9th June 2020 - This week our guest speaker is Change Management Expert Inge Wallage, who made a significant shift in both her life and career when she moved from big oil (VP of Communications International E&P at Statoil) to Director of Communications at Greenpeace. This session focuses on three main strategies: 1) Redefining organisations and  leadership; 2) The theory and practice of Deep Democracy; and 3) Communications.

Episode 9: Preparing for the Bounce Back

2nd June 2020 - Our guest speaker this week is Silicon Valley based Kevin Iwamoto, Chief Strategy Officer of Bizly Inc., a globally recognised industry influencer and subject matter expert in corporate travel, procurement, GDPR and strategic meetings management (SMM).  He is the former President & CEO of the Board of Directors for the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). The three strategies covered in this webinar are: 1) Using the crisis period for out-of-the-box strategic thinking; 2) repositioning for the new normal; and 3) criticality of timing.  

Episode 8: Translating Crisis into Opportunity - Lessons from Asia

26th May 2020 - This is the first of our Singapore focused webinars - bridging the gap between the Middle-East and Asia - with Dennis Mark, former Vice President & General Manager, Services & Solutions, Hewlett-Packard APJ. We cover three main themes: 1) Lessons from China on ways to emerge from a pandemic, with key insights into their latest investment strategy; 2) The case for data driven digitisation, customer business model change and a gravitation towards China; and 3) The necessity for a brave leadership style, with the ability to visualise, communicate and activate the ecosystem around us.

Episode 7: Solving Business Problems with AI

19th May 2020 - We are joined by artificial intelligence specialist Amin Islam, CEO of WDigital a leading strategist and a trusted go-to advisor in the field of both Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. This session focuses on how AI can be used by business managers to: 1) Enable workforce collaboration; 2) Gain insights on the health and effectiveness of managers and employees; and
3) Prioritise the order in which employees return to work quickly and safely by use of virtual triage technology.

Episode 6: Business Continuity

12th May 2020 - Fahd Khater, Founder and CEO of Sky High Advertising, joins us to discuss how business continuity strategies from other industries can be applied to our own. Advertising and events has been one of the hardest hit industries during the crisis. Fahd discusses how he is managing to improvise, adapt and overcome  - if advertising and events can survive, then the tech industry can thrive. 

Episode 5: Managing a Partner Ecosystem During a Crisis

5th May 2020 - We are joined by Bruno Delamarre, General Manager, One Commercial Partner & SME, Microsoft MEA. During his 9-year Microsoft career, Bruno has successfully managed and deployed program and product initiatives growing market share through strategic alliances with Services and ISV partners. He joins us to discuss strategies to navigate ambiguity, such as: 1) Communication; 2) Clarity of updated expectations to your channel; and 3) Conversion i.e. recognising the need for change from a business process point of view, and embracing it.

Episode 4: Safeguarding Reputation

28th April 2020 - Eve Hester-Wyne, Co-Founder of HW Media, is one of the most respected crisis communications specialists and media experts in the Gulf region, having worked for broadcasters such as National Geographic, the BBC, CNN, NBC, CBC, Bloomberg and RTEIn this session we discuss effective communication strategies with different business groups such as employees, clients, and non-paying clients and investors with cold feet.

Episode 3: Kickstarting Digital Transformation

21st April 2020 - We are joined by Abe Seksek, COO of MENA and Russia of Startupbootcamp, a Rainmaking company. Abe has also worked as Head of Global Operations Support for Naspers, the parent company of dubizzle and OLX Group and has an associate degree from Columbia University in Digital Transformation. We discuss where to start with digital transformation using strategies such as: 1) mindset readiness testing of employees and customers; 2) process auditing to understand how and where digital transformation can bring value; and 3) the collaboration effort required in order to successfully execute.

Episode 2: Cyber Security

14th April 2020 - Guest speaker Amir A. Kolahzadeh is the Founder and CEO of IT SEC - a leading Information Security consultancy and training firm committed to providing the best cybersecurity practices to organisations worldwide - addresses the increased threat to cyber security born out of a home-working workforce and discusses strategies to combat the problem, such as: 1) reducing in-home vulnerabilities; 2) driving behavioural change; and 3) a cultural shift towards a shared security vision.

Episode 1: Managing a Distracted Workforce

7th April 2020 - We are joined by Yousef Wadi, Founder & CEO of Nestrom - an Integrated Field Service Management Platform that digitises QHSE operations on the ground, enabling remote management of operations. In this session we address the challenge of managing a distracted workforce leading to a drop in productivity and discuss: 1) monitoring a mentality shift from micro to macro; 2) the tools we have in place to drive engagement; and 3) the autonomy to employ tools within a flexible working structure.

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