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Alcon Maddox partners with Ebsta to offer Sales Optimisation Reinforced with Revenue Intelligence

Updated: Nov 23

Alcon Maddox and Ebsta have announced a strategic partnership that will enable them to provide an unrivalled level of sales strategy expertise and data driven guidance to B2B clients and their private equity and venture capital investors.

The partnership brings together the wealth of operational knowledge and experience that Alcon Maddox has in sales optimisation, together with Ebsta’s ability to surface the data points needed in order to successfully scale revenues, offering sales optimisation and predictable growth, reinforced with revenue intelligence.

“Our clients will now be able to quantify the impact of the optimisation changes and track those changes over time. Being able to offer this solution is a game changer for us.”said Richard Richie, Founder and Managing Partner of Alcon Maddox.

“The data contained in Ebsta’s Data Insights Reports serve to bolster and quantify the outcomes of our Sales Ops Review, by establishing transparent benchmarks from which clients can measure the impact of the programmes of work we undertake to optimise their set-up”,

Our clients will now be able to quantify the impact of the optimisation changes and track those changes over time. Being able to offer this solution is a game changer for us.

Alcon Maddox’s Sales Ops Review is ultimately a health check of an organisation’s ability to deliver on current objectives, given its existing set-up in relation to its people, processes, and tools. It offers concrete guidance on what changes need to be made in the form of a Framework for Improvement.

As an extension of this, the partnership with Ebsta now allows them to deliver an increased level of visibility and quantitative reporting through Ebsta’s Data Insights Reports, allowing clients to analyse sales data, replicate success, or identify problem areas, quicker and easier.

“We’ve already witnessed from clients onboarded onto our revenue intelligence platform, that simply exposing them to the true signals that lead to revenue for their business and helping them become more data driven is enough to increase revenue." said Guy Rubin, Founder and CEO of Ebsta.

"Through this partnership with Alcon Maddox our clients will now have access to a level of support that extends beyond data insights, to practical know-how, further driving the type of operational efficiency needed to scale. Using our data insights reports to underpin their Sales Ops Review is really just the starting point.”

Now we can deliver an increased level of visibility and quantitative reporting, allowing clients to replicate success quicker.

Alcon Maddox is a boutique Management Consultancy specialised in Sales Optimisation. It builds solutions to evolve business strategy, transform sales organisations and develop leadership. Their Sales Ops Review helps companies optimise their sales set-up and attract investors by becoming more data driven with predictable revenue. Founded in Dubai, but now headquartered in London, they work with clients across Europe and the Middle East.

Ebsta, based in London with an office in the US, is the Revenue Intelligence Platform for GTM teams. Founded in 2012, the platform drives predictable revenue growth for B2B clients, giving sales teams the insights they need to improve forecasting accuracy, identify pipeline at risk, enhance relationships, increase sales performance and automate CRM tasks. With Ebsta you can build better relationships with key contacts across the customer lifecycle, improve forecasting accuracy with complete pipeline visibility, track engagement in real-time, enrich your CRM with every contact and activity, and measure team activity and performance. For more information, please visit:

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