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Alcon Maddox believe collaboration and shared development is key, and that being prepared gives businesses across the technology sector the opportunity to fast track upgrades to internal operations, security infrastructure, and the way we serve our clients.

Our resources are intended to support our wider commercial network to become stronger, more successful, higher-performing businesses by offering, in addition to our webinars, in-depth reports, guides and white papers on topics that specifically impact the technology sector.


Our aim is to ensure that our clients and candidates can benefit from the collective knowledge of our commercial network. 

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Salary Survey Report 2021

As commercial recruitment specialists, our annual salary report aims to provide our client and candidate network with a thorough understanding of the salary and remuneration levels associated with specific commercial roles in the UAE. 

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The New World of Work 
White Paper: Nov 2020

An overview of each of the episodes in the Alcon Maddox COVID-19 War Plan Webinar Series which began in April 2020. Spanning topics from people management to cyber security, the series presents strategies to meet the challenges that companies have been facing during the pandemic.

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Why Use Executive Search? White Paper: Oct 2021

Why Use an Executive Search Agency in the War for Talent? This White Paper is intended to provide an overview of the benefits of engaging an executive search agency to attract top talent, and explains the difference between contingent recruitment and executive search.